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Music has the power to connect people from all backgrounds and cultures. Ryan Haskins is passionate about creating those connections and sharing the power of music with the world.

spreading the power of music


Ryan Haskins is recognized for his passion for innovative programming and creative concert experiences and as an advocate for music education and the arts.  He has collaborated with acclaimed artists and composers worldwide and gives special attention to the promotion of new music in the United States. Through guest lectures, masterclasses, and speaking engagements, Haskins has shared his expertise on various topics with diverse audiences.

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the future of music


Ryan Haskins has had the opportunity to commission and perform new works by talented composers across North America. He believes that music is an expression of the deepest thoughts and emotions of humanity. Through his work with new compositions, he has come to appreciate the value of promoting, developing, and educating composers. Haskins is grateful to have played a part in bringing these new works to life.

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for the next generation


Ryan Haskins strongly believes in the importance of promoting access to quality programs for all students. He recognizes that elevated music programs should be available to every student as an essential part of a well-rounded education. He believes that the arts have the power to create a welcoming and safe environment where students can express themselves positively.

Through music, students can build self-esteem and develop important social and emotional skills. Ryan is honored to have had the opportunity to work with talented young musicians and composers and is grateful for the experiences that have allowed him to share his expertise through guest lectures and masterclasses.

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coaching opportunities


Ryan Haskins has had the privilege of working with and coaching some incredibly talented young musicians who represent the next generation of musical talent. In his Masterclasses, he has covered a range of subjects, including Conducting, Orchestral Excerpt Preparation, The Art of the Audition, and various Vocal Masterclasses.

Additionally, he has worked with mixed college, university, and conservatory ensembles to help them reach their full potential. Over the years, he has been fortunate enough to serve on several audition panels across North America and Europe, which has allowed him to witness firsthand the exceptional level of talent that exists in the next generation of musicians.

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lectures & talks


Haskins has had the opportunity to speak at various events throughout his career, including Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Medical Societies, and other social clubs. He has also been invited to present at Adult Lifelong Learning special programs and has served as a guest lecturer in several academic institutions, such as Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sick Kids Tampa, and the University of Toronto.

Ryan Haskins has been featured on public television, public radio, and podcasts with international audiences and has had the pleasure of leading interactive presentations for groups of young musicians to high-level corporate executives.